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The WeChat that announces marriage to say friend circle announces marriage how to write

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1. Experienced the long-distance running of love, ushered in the present century good. Cigarettes, wine and sugar are ready, the wedding banquet is already booked, you are sincerely only waiting for your arrival, unlimited joy and glory. Xi xi, kiss, I hope, hope and desire, you will never let me hopeless, disappointed and extravagant hope, I believe you will be in my wedding scene, you are happy to be there!

  I ran after her until my legs became weak and I ran after her for four years. Today we were married and had a wedding banquet.

  The most beautiful moment in the world is when I hold each other's hand with my beloved and decide to weave a sweet and warm life. The good day has come, please come to our wedding in the first time, to witness and enjoy the wonderful love with us, to walk in the river of happiness together!

  4. Raise your case in your heart and think, I wish to grow old together, holding my hand will never change,

  I wish you a hundred years of good luck. I invite my friends to join me.

  Be sure not to be late, good wine, good food, happy marriage.

  5, the flowers are full of people add joy, there is a happy thing to tell you; Tomorrow is a good day. Brothers do not know can free, quickly come to the blessing; If I don't see you tomorrow, see how I punish you!

  6. Notice: the little man will say goodbye to the sky of freedom and step into the grave of love. At that time, I will invite all my father, my uncle and aunt, my brothers and sisters to come and witness the funeral of my love.

  Swishing swish, texting, good day is set. I hope you will come, your excellency, your wedding day. Xi xi, I'm getting married, welcome you to come!

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