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The game-changing sheet masks

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The game-changing sheet masks that will transform your skin in minutes

It might be tradition for Chinese restaurants to dish out fortune cookies with the bill, but in Montreal one establishment is offering sheet masks. A diner posted a snap on Reddit of the three Beaute Poon sheet masks that came with the bill at Chez Maxim Oriental and several other users confirmed that it is indeed a regular occurrence at the restaurant.

Ten years ago, these wet, cloth masks were hard-to-source, niche products that only skincare fiends knew about. Nowadays you’d be hard-pressed to find a woman who hasn’t tried at least one or two. In fact, these masks have played a huge role in spreading the word about Korean-inspired beauty, or K-beauty as it’s also known, which is now a $13 billion industry globally.

But what is it about sheet masks that have made them so popular? “Moving beyond basic hydrating benefits, sheet masks and patches are now designed for each part of the body and every member of the family, babies included, to target every possible need and to be used on the most specific occasions,” says Jane Jang, senior beauty analyst at Mintel. “Some interesting examples include masks inspired by oriental acupressure massage techniques and injection treatments at clinics, featuring micro-needles and pressure points, and sauna-effect masks that lock in moisture while trapping body heat.”

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