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Single Longitudinal Mode Continuous Wave

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Improve the supply chain was born and grow a number of core technology with the parts suppliers. The basis of an industry is supported by many parts suppliers. For the Wuhan area, such parts supplier groups should include optical devices (such as optical lenses, focusing lenses, mirrors and transmission fiber, etc.), precision machining, 50mw green laser power and precision electrical and electronic. At the same time these parts supplier groups should have the core technology in this field, which is to promote the entire laser processing industry is of great significance. Supporting enterprises is the basis of an industry, especially to master the core technology and have independent intellectual property rights supporting enterprises, the promotion of industrial development is of great significance.

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With the rise of smart TV, television, the speed of large screen year after year soared, and now seems to have a bottleneck. The reason is that 70-inch LCD TV prices show a geometric growth, the size is not much, the price rose several times. 100-inch or more large-screen TV is as high as 300,000 or more, for ordinary families, can only give up. The emergence of 30mw green laser TV once again brought back our initial, laser TV to 100-inch TV prices fell to tens of thousands of dollars in low prices, so that the real giant home theater into the homes of ordinary people.

This kind of single longitudinal mode continuous wave or pulsed laser light source has wide application prospect in the field of fine structure analysis, precision laser spectroscopy and high-end laser radar, gravitational wave detection and coherent detection and sensing. The research work has been funded by the National High Technology Research and Development Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Strategic Pilot Science and Technology (B) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Not only in the field of projection, the TV market is also very optimistic about the 200mw green laser technology, in a step by step to solve the utilization of the laser, the laser plus a variety of practical technology fusion products, not only in the functional hardware will be leaps and bounds in the price Will also be more close to the people. If the future one day really what kind of projector products can replace the TV, it should be non-laser TV must go.

The emergence of laser inkjet printer to a certain extent, shorten the gap between China and the developed countries in this area, but in order to really catch up with developed international, domestic enterprises must innovation, speed up technological reform. From the current customer demand, equipment maintenance rate is low, print speed, content, automatic cleaning easy, simple and quick operation will become the future development trend of Pen Maji a major trend. For the 100mw laser pointer inkjet machine industry, in order to continue to grow and develop, we must take the international development path, and the international laser inkjet printer market synchronization, developed with independent intellectual property rights of new results, rapid access to R & D commercialization.

Laser based laser industry is developing rapidly in the world. It has been widely used in industrial production, communication, information processing, medical and health, military, culture and education, scientific research and so on. According to statistics, the market value of up to $1 trillion per year, and laser related products and services, from high-end fiber to common bar code scanners. The laser industry has formed a complete and mature industry chain distribution, upstream mainly includes laser materials and matching components, mainly for middle and supporting all kinds of 400mw green laser equipment, laser application in the downstream products, consumer products, instruments and equipment.

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