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A nickname for a matchmaker

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1, the matchmaker

In the Ming and qing dynasties, the term "matchmaker" was also used to refer to the matchmaker. But the word "matchmaker" has a slightly derogatory meaning because matchmakers are eloquent and often misrepresent themselves. The so-called "gossips" in Ming zongyi's "dropout" usually refer to those women who talk a lot and are not doing their jobs.

2, matchmaker

In the romance of the western chamber, the matchmaker is the handmaiden of the protagonist cui yingying. Zhang sheng and cui yingying fall in love with each other, and the matchmaker sets up a match to make the couple get married. Since then, "matchmaker" has become another name for matchmaker, which is very familiar to us Chinese.

3, red leaves

It comes from a love story. Tang xizong, there was a loyal lady named han cuiping who longed for normal human love, so she risked her life by writing poems on the red leaves and having them loyal to the royal river. There is a scholar picked up the poem in the red leaves, which was moved by the feeling of the poem, also on the red leaves, by water to the palace, han cuiping often sneak to the royal river, so also got the poem red leaves. Later days for good luck, the harem put maid 3000 people, two lovers finally meet in the folk, married. Filled with emotion, she wrote a poem, "with flowing water, a beautiful sentence has been written for ten years. But wong and wong into friends today, just know that the red leaves are good media. Since then, the matchmaker is also known as the red leaves, the men and women in love today send red leaves acacia may also come from this beautiful story.

4, matchmaking

As the prince of teng wen gong of mencius said, "in Egypt, parents and people are always thieves if they don't wait for their parents' orders and matchmakers' words.

5, old

Tang fiction records that wei gu, a man of the tang dynasty, passed by song cheng in the night. Ask what book you are checking. Answer: the world's wedding letter. And he asked what was the use of the bare ropes in the bag, and answered, they are the feet of husband and wife. Legend has it that the old man is the god in charge of marriage, so "matchmaker" as another name.

6, cutting ko

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The book of songs. Bin bin bin. How about a wife? No gangster media." It means how to cut the handle of the ax. How to get that wife? You can't do without a matchmaker. Later, matchmakers were called "varcos" or "varcos".

7, baoshan

The matchmaker title baoshan, many people do not understand. Come from "a dream of red mansions" the 119th: "he said two ye not at home, big wife do the winner, and there are uncle baoshan. At that time, people called matchmakers "baoshan", that is, as solid and reliable as a guarantor.

8. Iceman (big ice)

This name comes from the the Book of Jin · suo Dan biography of a story, sometimes call cable Dan of jin (and a good dream, 16-month turbid. Once a man named linghuce had a dream. He dreamed that he was standing on the ice and talking to a man under the ice. I don't know what is the symptom, Mr. Dan dream for him. Dan analysis about the plot of a dream, is said to him: "for Yang on ice, ice as the Yin, Yin and Yang also. Shi rugui wife, shibing not pan, marriage is also. Jun on the ice, and under the ice language, language for the Yang Yin, the media is also. Jun when matchmaking, bing pan and married. Later, sure enough, linghuce made a match for the son of a senior official. Therefore, "the iceman" becomes "the matchmaker" the proxy name, this appellation perhaps many friends did not know.

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