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Can bridesmaids wear black shoes? What should bridesmaids wear

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Bridesmaids should pay special attention to the dress on the wedding, not to be careless, that bridesmaids can wear black shoes? Below we will introduce the dress of bridesmaid in detail what should notice, hope can help you!

Can bridesmaids wear black shoes:

Can bridesmaids wear black shoes? Actually, small make up think is ok, want whole collocation to coordinate only, do not rob a bride to steal the limelight, do not make a noise to seize the Lord can.

Besides, what shoes do bridesmaids wear? In fact, small make up feel tie-in high-heeled shoes is the most appropriate, because, it not only can increase your height, let your body become slender and shapeless, but also can foil your noble and elegant temperament, your posture is more beautiful, moving.

If you are a fan of flats, opt for pointed or embellished vamps to compensate for the lack of heels.

2. If you don't know what shoes to wear, you might as well consider metallic shoes.

Warm colors like pink, coral, orange, and cream are best paired with gold, bronze, or copper, light green.

4. If you like warm colors, you can choose pink, orange and cream dresses. Then you can wear gold, bronze and light green shoes.

Finally, opt for dresses in cool colors like purple, gray and white with silver shoes, which will also shine.

What to watch for in bridesmaid dresses:

1. First of all, the dress of the bridesmaid should be as simple and generous as possible, such as wearing a sweater with a short skirt and boots in winter and a dress with high-heeled sandals in summer.

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But, when choosing color, want to compare white and black as far as possible, because, general bride can wear white wedding dress, so, bridesmaid should avoid white dress, lest bump with bride dress. Black is a taboo color, and it's best not to wear it at weddings.

2. Secondly, the makeup of bridesmaid should not be too much, light make-up is appropriate. In addition, pay attention to the bride's height, if the bride is shorter, then try to wear flat shoes, so that the bride will not steal the spotlight.

3, the workload of bridesmaid that day is very big, so, must wear a pair of comfortable shoes, if the friend that is used to wearing taller more shoes, can continue to wear high heels, if the friend that is not used to wearing high heels, can wear flat heel shoes, such not only comfortable, and still can foil the temperament of the bride, all its beauty, and happy but not for?

Editor's conclusion: can bridesmaids wear black shoes and what should they pay attention to? In fact, the dress of bridesmaids is very simple.

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