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 The wedding venue of the zodiac

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Hotel wedding -- the exclusive sanctuary of the warm white sheep

  The passionate and impulsive Aries are the perfect candidates for a hotel wedding. Aries will be excited by a hot group of friends and relatives. Toasting, smoking, and a haunted house, everything that is so popular in a traditional wedding is so suitable for the needs of the white sheep. But don't drink too much!

  Ranch wedding -- happy heaven for the old cows

  The environment of the pasture is suitable for the hard work of the old cattle. Do you want to roll on the vast grassland? Just think, in a wide enclosed grass stand the sanctity of the white tent, hold his hand into the life of another journey, side of the relatives and friends to send blessings, meaning how distant scene it is!

  Travel weddings - find your true love in the changing world

  Geminis love to change. They can't do one thing at a time. A complex constellation of joy and melancholy, tenderness and brutality. So choose a few places you like and travel with your favorite people. Keeping the wedding in a changing environment should be a good choice for Gemini.

  Villa wedding - make cancer feel safe

  When talking about cancer, you will inevitably mention the maternal nature of their family, but don't forget that love is a characteristic of cancer. Most of the sign of cancer are more introverted, shy, and although they are commonly used on the surface of a kind of very expression exaggeration, but basically they are lack of confidence, also can not adapt to the new environment. So having a romantic wedding at their villa gives cancer lovers more security. Of course, the financial resources are also quite strong ah!

  Forest wedding - Leo's natural return

  Leo is the most authoritative and dominant sign, usually with an aristocratic or regal air. Leos love life, fun, courage, principles and ideas. Having a wedding in nature is natural and environmentally friendly, but it also fits the Leo's life-loving and enthusiastic nature. After all, the lion is the king of the forest!

  Urban weddings - the best way to pick on virgins

  When it comes to women everywhere, some people think they are picky, others think they are long-winded, but they are always ready to help others. All virgos like to be busy. They can't be idle. Serving others is their life goal. In a busy city wedding, there are many benefits, convenient transportation, considerate service, including gorgeous night scene, all of which will make the old prickly virgin speechless.

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