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 Here's a great way to keep your aromas fresh all day!

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 Though the appearance is the first impression of the method, but actually with the thought of absolute is an invisible points, and a certain extent, the smell can reflect each person a different personality, but also because someone according to the "same" object to communication. A lot of the bride on the wedding day will only regard his appearance, but in fact, the wedding day to take photos with different people, entertainment, especially in the summer, sweat hard to avoid, so in addition to makeup look surprised, should also pay attention to the own body details. Besides the perfume that gushes on directly, still have a lot of small secret to be able to let you keep sweet all day actually! Let's see!

  Add fragrance to other items

  In addition to your skin, scents can definitely be spread in different ways, such as the environment, clothes and hair, which can definitely reflect both your personality and taste. If you want your wedding venue to always have a favorite scent, you can spray perfume on your wedding decorations, especially those made of fabric. Of course, perfume is not cheap, you can also replace with candle or perfume, the effect also can be better! Some people will use perfume gush on the hair, but contain alcohol, perfume for the spray on the hair is not the best, so you can put your favorite essential oils mixed with water in a spray bottle, these part of fine wine can be close to the hair, make more lasting aroma.

  Make perfume work with your skin

  Don't want the smell of sweat to affect your wedding? Here's a great way to keep your aromas fresh all day!

  Like clothing, perfume will send out the good in everyone with different smells, so we should not only take when choosing perfume perfume gush on the test paper, but should be sprayed perfume on your own, perfume is in one day with different shift, so you can know yourself if you really like to buy.

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