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The wedding scene of the ancient giant is

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 Juji (seed) and female assistant Lorraine register get married in July last year in Las Vegas, today (November 11), the four seasons hotel in Hong Kong for wedding reception, wedding banquet held in the form of cocktail party, afternoon three and a half began to welcome the guests. At about 3 p.m., ji's managers, Mani, lei, sen, and qian guowei were among the first to congratulate the new couple.

  Couple first four eyes delivers an electric love each other, "to become" domineering groom toast "binge drinking, but accidentally lost" choking "wei, during which be laugh at by the MC's beauty:" the elder brother of the groom drink too fast, ha ha!" As to the bride Lorraine keep manners "dah" slowly, finally left half a cup of drink, her eyes flashed "for help," wife, "" word" towithstand "to offer to help the wife to drink, it was" drunk "good good husband! "It's a romantic gesture, and it's something that's going to happen to the groom," he said.

  "Big revealed the ancient Lorraine funny side on the stage, smile is too afraid of ugly and refused to see her media, finally as" married brother liu, MC, a beautiful smile to say: "everyone don't laugh, this is the truth, you see the photos of the most beautiful in the afternoon, is to" hold liu, give liu some applause!"

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