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 Facial skin care

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Next is facial skin: do not go to pick out blain blain blain 3 days before photograph, squeeze blackhead, because the makeup that shoots that day should maintain a whole day, cosmetic can make wound infection. Taken the day before or can use a mask with moisturizing effect is before makeup, or go to beauty parlour do a peeling, cutin of nursing, in order to be on the safe side, try not to use a whitening, wrinkles, accusing oil with special effect, or haven't tried the facial mask, or an allergy... Also, be sure to apply high-index sunscreen to areas where your skin is exposed before shooting in the summer to avoid sunburn.

  6. The choice of underwear

  Next underwear: want to choose underwear according to the design that oneself choose bridal gown, notice the color of underwear, do not walk naked. Summer wear light color of tight sports pants do aerobic exercises (that) will be very convenient, in wedding dress and do some action will not worry too, the weather is cool brides can wear a pair of baggy pants in the wedding dress, it's easy to do all kinds of action required by the photographer. The dress that oneself bring is like skirt had better be more bright-coloured have waist.

  7. Selection of silk stockings before wedding photos are taken by the prospective bride

  Pay attention to the color of silk stockings and their skin tone, not too deep color or too thick socks, yo (so that the legs look not beautiful!) It protects your legs from injury and looks good on the set.

  Precautions for prospective brides before taking wedding photos 8. Preparation of shoes

  Get a pair of light-colored heels, sneakers, or sneakers. When shooting white gauze, you can wear a pair of sneakers or sneakers, so you can walk more easily. If the bride is going to take a picture of the cheongsam, high heels will help your figure and posture. Finally, be careful to match your husband's height. Too bad must remember to wear high heels!

  9. Other matters needing attention before the bride-to-be takes wedding photos

  1. The shooting day is very hard, so go to bed early the night before. Don't get too excited. But practice smiling in the mirror before you go to bed. A: let's see. Or not? How many of the most beautiful ones are there?

  It is best to practice POSS in front of a mirror in a fashion magazine before taking a photo, which will bring convenience to you and the photographer.

  3. Do not drink water three hours before sleep to avoid causing facial and eye edema. The eye is swollen depend on makeup and late period very difficult to decorate!

  4. If the bride wears glasses, it is better to choose contact lenses on the day of shooting.

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