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Wedding preparations for attention to the wedding ceremony

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 Wedding is the turning point of life, it can also be said to change the historical moment of fate, the mood of the new people must be both excited and nervous, the wedding is a big project, the thing to prepare is really too many, the following is to look at the wedding preparations for attention, to create the first step of the perfect wedding.

  1: do your homework well and understand the wedding process

  Wedding is the most important moment in life. New people must be very nervous. At the wedding, the new people are the protagonists, the protagonist can not be wrong, so the first step in the preparation of the wedding is to do the homework, to understand the basic process of the wedding, only to know the wedding process, can be able to do a good number, busy and not messy.

  2: make a good budget to determine the form of the wedding

  The wedding budget is the most important step in the preparation of the wedding. The new people are going to marry the family economy, make a general budget for a wedding, and choose the most suitable wedding plan and the venue for the wedding. When the budget is done, the form of the wedding is to be determined. Now the most popular young people are welcome to the Chinese wedding and the western style wedding. Do you want to determine whether the wedding you want to hold is Chinese or western, with a definite purpose, the color tone and atmosphere of the whole wedding. The circumference is helpful.

  3: make wedding preparation list and plan wedding according to your own interests.

  As there are too many items and spare parts to be prepared for the wedding, in order to prevent more preparation or omission, it is suggested that the new people make a wedding preparation list, list all the wedding items that need to be prepared, and draw a tick behind the prepared wedding items, which can help you keep you awake and remind you. The priorities of the matter. Because new people are the main character of the wedding, then new people should plan their wedding according to their own preferences, not to please others, to consider the feelings of others is very important, the use of some symbolic behavior will be able to please others, but never do not do what they do not like, but only in order to make others happy choice, also do not Make arrangements beyond your ability to pay. You have to understand that this is your own wedding, as long as you like it.

  4: determine the approximate number of people

  After 1 to 2 weeks of sending out a wedding invitation, you can begin to confirm the number of people. The guests are divided according to the 3 types: exclude the reason why they can not come, draw a hook before the name of the person who will be present, and draw a question mark before some ambiguous names are answered, and mark the possible final deadline of the other party. According to the number of guests, the number of people who can attend the wedding ceremony is 10%.

  5: don't have too high expectations to leave enough time

  I've seen a lot of examples, the higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment, and I know that many new people, especially the bride, are very yearning for the wedding, hoping their wedding is perfect, but we have to look to the reality, after all, that the wedding is a more complicated affair, and some small mistakes are very positive. Regular, so new people should remember to adjust their mentality, reduce the expectations of the wedding, do not hold unrealistic fantasies. In the preparation of the wedding, the new people must be prepared enough time, after all, the wedding is complex, and the less time, the more pressure will be, more time, then the effect of natural wedding will be a lot better.

  6: find inspiration to design a unique wedding

  Although many wedding companies now provide a variety of wedding planning, but this is after all the idea of others, the wedding is not your story, is incomplete, so the new people can communicate with the planners, in communication or daily life to find a sense of spirit, design a truly unique to their own unique. The wedding.

  Conclusion: new people can be careless when preparing for a wedding. Attention must be paid to the above wedding preparations.

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