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9 Women On How They Use Fashion To Feel Empowered

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9 Women On How They Use Fashion To Feel Empowered

Everyone has their own method to feel like a total boss, and one of them is undoubtedly through style. Yes, fashion can be fun and frivolous, but it can be remarkably potent too.

For proof, look no further than H&M's new Fall Collection. Inspired by uber femme women, the collection is full of kickass pieces that mix tailoring with full-on glam. Whether it's the metallic mini dress, thigh-high red boots or sharp power suit, they instantly conjure up plenty of chutzpah.

So how to use these clothes for an instant uplift? We asked some female power players to reveal their secrets. Read on for a roster of confessions on how they dress with confidence...

For me, sartorial confidence comes from key accessories: a wide belt, a pair of cocktail earrings, some statement shoes (current favourites are yellow pointed mules à la Carrie) and a scraped back smooth hairstyle, typically a low middle-part bun. As I get older, my clothes get easier to wear and arguably less flamboyant and my confidence comes from fail-safe 'enhancers'. For someone else, that might be a crisp mans shirt worn with skinny trousers to give a strong silhouette; or a high necked, long sleeved long dress that reveals nothing but fits like a glove and is somehow the sexiest thing of all. In truth, both of those are good! But nothing, for me, beats a scraped back bun and a pair of brightly hued earrings. It shows the world you're hiding from nothing — and no-one!I think empowerment is all about confidence and fashion is an amazing tool to reflect that. For me, it's about having a highly personal aesthetic—that could be about prints, colour, proportion or having the confidence to pair unusual pieces together. When I first went freelance, my confidence was shot and I spent a few weeks moping about in sweatpants. Buying a new pair of jeans that I couldn't really afford helped me find my way back to the positive, mood enhancing benefits that fashion can provide. Otherwise, you can't go wrong with a great printed dress with a nipped in waist and feminine details.Read more at:unusual bridesmaid dresses

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