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Cell phone jammers have raised school order to a new level図鑑

Cell phone jammers have raised school order to a new level図鑑


According to this, the director of the larger Suzhou Middle School Office missed Miss Li and answered that the school installed cell phone signal shielding devices for classrooms on weekends, including three at most. “The blocker can only be opened during the test to prevent The phenomenon of individual students" subconsciously, the organization of test norms guarantees its objectivity and fairness. "She said that the school does not encourage students to wear mobile phones in principle, and also stipulates that mobile phones should not be used in classrooms and courses. Wu Tianyi, a lecturer at the School of Education of Soochow University, said that education should promote the realization of educational goals. "Playing with mobile phones in the classroom Playing games can seriously damage educational goals. Installing cell phone signal blockers in classrooms can stop this behavior and get training back on track. I personally strongly support it. "Students do not have the full capacity for civil conduct as he said. Now the school assumes the role of guardian to protect the basic interests of students, so that students can have certain temporary suspension rights.

As far as radiation issues are concerned, school facilities are annoyingly open bidding, and the purchased products have passed national quality inspections and met safety standards. The scope of influence is limited to the dormitory area and does not affect surrounding residents. Also mentioned the radiation test, the results showed that the radiation is very low and does not affect health. The region has studied the possibility of buying jammers because it is struggling with inappropriate cell phone users. A school board said: I think they have no place in the educational environment. The educational environment should be related to learners, and teachers and teachers cannot teach on mobile phones. When students are busy with mobile phones, they will not learn. This is a distraction... We must minimize distractions.

Many educators have trouble figuring out how to use electronic devices in the classroom. Some educate students about the negative effects and encourage them to regulate their use. Others even emphasized the possible uses of mobile devices in the classroom. However, many people just try to ban everything. A school principal in British Columbia raised the school’s ban to a new level by setting up cell phone jammers. There is only one problem-the device is illegal in Canada. The director had ordered Chinese equipment online, but some angry students soon discovered it and told him it was illegal. This idea is very important. He looks bad now.

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