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Replacement Tablet Battery for APPLE A1542

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You can get APPLE A1542 Tablet Battery for APPLE Magic Trackpad 2 Touchpad here with low price! Affordable prices with high quality! A1542, are tested for 100% quality control! Shopping with us is safe and secure! 30 day money back!

  • Brand : APPLE
  • Alternate with the following models : A1542
  • Cell technology : Li-ion
  • Product color : Black
  • Capacity : 2024mAh/7.65Wh
  • Voltage : 3.78V
  • Encoding : ECN12962_Ta

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What is the run time of APPLE A1542 battery?

APPLE A1542 batteries have two main ratings on them: Volts and Amperes. Because size and weight of batteries is limited when compared to larger batteries such as car batteries, most companies show their ratings with Volts and Milliamperes. One thousand Milliamperes equals 1 Ampere. When buying a battery, select batteries with the most Milliamperes (or mAh). Batteries are also rated by Watt-Hours, perhaps the simplest rating of all. This is found by multiplying the Volts and the Amperes together.

How to reduce tablet radiation ?

1. When the tablet is called out, it is best to keep the tablet away from the head to avoid radiation on the head when the tablet emits more power.

2. Minimize the time each time you use your phone and the number of times you use your phone every day. When it is necessary to talk for a long time, it is more scientific to alternate between left and right ears or to use headphones.

3. When the tablet signal becomes weak, the tablet will automatically increase the transmitting power of the electromagnetic wave. At this time, do not put your ear close to the tablet.

4. do not pick up the phone in the corner, the signal coverage in the corner of the building is relatively poor, so it will increase the radiation power of the phone to a certain extent. For the same reason, when you are in a small, enclosed environment such as an elevator, you should avoid making calls.

5. Do not walk around when you touch the tablet. Frequent moving positions will cause the strength of the received signal to fluctuate, causing unnecessary short-time high-power transmission.

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