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Buy New CASPER Via Battery online

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All of our CASPER Via high-quality alternatives have been tested to achieve and/or exceed original performance and are 100% compatible with the original manufacturer's specifications. Battery Replacement for Casper Via P1 phone, the Cell Phone Battery is 100% brand new and CE / FCC / RoHS certified for safety.

Via battery

Brand New CASPER Via replacement battery for Casper Mobile Phone 3000mAh/11.67WH 3.85V

Battery Compatibility Name: Casper cell phone battery
Battery Application: Mobile Phone
Chemical Materials: Li-ion
Rated Capacity: 3000mAh/11.67WH
Standard Voltage: 3.85V
Part Numbers:
Compatible Models:
For Casper Via P1 phone

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Description for CASPER Via Battery :

1. Try to use the original charger. Compared with the original charger, the non-original charger has a certain gap between the output current and the voltage. The long-term use of the non-original charger can not only reduce the service life of the mobile phone battery, but also cause the battery of the mobile phone to explode and catch fire.

2. Lithium-ion batteries should be protected from full discharge during use (use a black screen to power down).

3. Do not place the phone in a high temperature environment. When the mobile phone is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will cause the battery temperature to suddenly increase or even explode.

4. Should try to keep the phone away from the water source, in case the battery is short-circuited by moisture.

5. If the battery has abnormal conditions such as drum belly and damaged casing, stop using it immediately and replace it with a new one.

Rating: 3500mAh/26.6Wh 7.6v,

Rating: 1200mah 3.6v,
SKU: ECN10883_PLC_Oth

Rating: 2200mAh/7.92wh 3.7V,
SKU: ECN10311_Oth

Rating: 2850mAh/41Wh 14.6V,
SKU: LEN19I681

Rating: 3000mAh 7.40V,
SKU: ECN10304_Oth

Rating: 40Wh 7.6V,
SKU: HPQ21JA1068

Rating: 42Wh 11.4v,
SKU: DEL3073

Rating: 3600mAh/8.88wh(not compatible 3.7V ,
SKU: ECN10338_Oth_BL

Rating: 1540mAh 5.7WH 4.2V/3.7V,
SKU: ECN10645_PDA_Oth

Rating: 5900mAh/88WH 15V,
SKU: ASU19I233

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