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About sex dolls

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Now I believe that we all know more and more about sex dolls, because around us we find that many people will choose to buy a physical sex doll because they are lonely and lonely or want to solve their sexual needs, and my friends around me are no exception, I recently heard that one of my hairdressers bought a tpe mini sex doll on the website, this kind of doll is usually solid, made of silicone or TPE and may have some metal bones inside, usually with joints that can be broken for easy recessing into various positions. The size of these dolls usually ranges from one metre to one metre eight, a range that is large enough to cover most people's needs, the larger the doll the more material is required and therefore the more expensive it is.

The pure silicone ones will be a little more expensive than the pure TPE ones, as silicone is really much more expensive than TPE, so many of the high end ones, will claim to use silicone. TPE's currently range in price from 1000-5000 and will be more expensive if they are to be custom made. Customisation will usually be more needed on the head, such as the material of the hair, whether the hair is implanted or not, whether the make-up is baked or sprayed or drawn, all affect the price; the chest can also be customised, in size and shape, allowing the consumer to choose. By customising the head, breasts, buttocks, height and clothing, the consumer can basically achieve the shape they want, so they can buy a full size sex doll and enjoy it.<o:p></o:p>

Usually these large dolls are bought by consumers who live alone, have no girlfriend or do not have a girlfriend and need companionship, as these dolls can be customised with voice and heat functions, so it is like having someone waiting for them at home. About the origin: the vast majority of the origin is in Dongguan, for several reasons: 1 Dongguan's plastic industry is more developed; 2 Dongguan has more factories; 3 Dongguan's sex culture/sexual demand is more prosperous. About the brand: Dalian Addis, Shenzhen artificial human technology, Dongguan Junying are more famous, the product is also better. The difficult development of the equipoise doll relies on domestic manufacturers to innovate in technology and appearance. It is because the dolls are becoming more and more sophisticated that buyers are increasingly looking at them as "people". An old doll owner I met at the exhibition told me that if you look at it as a beloved doll and wash and powder it every week, the doll will not break at home for ten years; but if you want to give it some strange actions, the doll's skin will break in less than six months, "looking at your favorite, so beautiful face, I think you will not let go. " The doll in humanoid form appeared 40 years ago and was first made in Japan using rubber and sold for around 38,000 yen. The price of a motorbike, with the feel of a motorbike tyre, was not for the average person to spend. in the 1980s, dolls made using soft rubber appeared, and the feel got better, and the price shot up to 100,000 yen. The silicone dolls we are familiar with today did not enter the Chinese market until 2000, and 10 years later, TPE (a highly resilient, high-strength plastic) equivalents were first made in China as models for real clothes, and after numerous technical innovations, they now have a soft feel and malleable limbs. The majority of the equipoise dolls on the market today are made of silicone head sculptures + TPE limbs. This ensures that the features are delicate enough and the body is soft enough.<o:p></o:p>

This ensures that the features are delicate enough and the body is soft enough.<o:p></o:p>

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