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Buy ACER AP.T1902.001 Laptop ac adapter online

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All of our new Laptop ac adapter for ACER AP.T1902.001 are made with high-quality and free from defects in material and workmanship. We never sell used or refurbished adapters. Shopping with us is safe and secure. If you are not satisfied with our products for any reason, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.


  • Brand : ACER
  • Input Voltage : 100-240V 50-60Hz (for wor
  • DC Output : 19V 3.42A, 65W
  • Color : black
  • Size: 5.5mm×1.7 mm
  • Encoding : ACE17340_04
  • Supported models : PA-1700-02,SADP-65KB (REV.D), HP-OK066B13,HP-A0653R3B,UP/N:A065R030L, API2AD02, PA-1650-02, AP.A1401.001, AP .0650A .001, AP .0650A .005, AP.06501.005, AP.T1902.001, LC.ADT01.007, LC.T2801.006
  • ACER AP.T1902.001 compatible Laptop ac adapter model :

    Aspire 1400 series (AS1400LC, AS1400XC, AS1400XV)
    Aspire 1410 series (AS1414WLCi)
    Aspire 1500 Series (AS1501LCi, AS1501LMi)
    Aspire 1551 Series (AS1551-4650, AS1551-4755, AS1551-5448)
    Aspire 1640 Series (AS1641LCi, AS1641WLMi, AS1642WLMi, AS1644ZWLMi, AS1640Z (AS1642XWLMi).)
    Aspire 1650 Series (AS1652WLMi, AS1654WLMi, AS1652ZWLMi, AS1654ZWLMi)
    Aspire 1680 Series (AS1681LCi, AS1681WLCi, AS1681WLMi, AS1684WLMi, AS1685WLMi)
    Aspire 1690 Series (AS1690WLCi, AS1690LCi, AS1690WLMi, AS1691WLCi, AS1691WLMi, AS1692WLMi, AS1694WLMi)
    Aspire 1830 TimelineX Series: AS1830T-3505, AS1830T-3721, AS1830T-3927
    Aspire 2000 Series (AS2001LCi, AS2002LCi, AS2002LMi, AS2003LMi)
    Aspire 2020 Series
    Aspire 2420 Series
    Aspire 2920 Series
    Aspire 3030 Series
    Aspire 3100 Series
    Aspire 3200 Series
    Aspire 3500 Series (AS3502LCi, AS3502NLCi, AS3502WLCi, AS3503LCi, AS3503WLCi)
    Aspire 3510 Series
    Aspire 3610 Series (AS3612LCi, AS3613LCi, AS3613WLCi, AS3613WLMi)
    Aspire 3620 Series (AS3623NWXMi, AS3623WLCi, AS3623WLMi, AS3623WXCi, AS3623WXMi, AS3624WXCi, AS3624WXMi)
    Aspire 3630 Series (AS3634LMi, AS3634WLMi)
    Aspire 3650 Series
    Aspire 3660 Series
    Aspire 3670 Series
    Aspire 3680 Series (AS3680-2108, AS3680-2233, AS3680-2301, AS3680-2513, AS3680-2626, AS3680-2974)
    Aspire 3810 Timeline Series: AS3810TZ-4806, AS3810T-6376, AS3810T-8737
    Aspire 3820 TimelineX Series: AS3820T-3051, AS3820T-5246
    Aspire 4220 Series (4220G)
    Aspire 4310/4315/4320 Series (AS4310, AS4315-2004, AS4315-2490, AS4315-2843, AS4315-2963, AS4320-2451)
    Aspire 4520 Series (AS4520-5141, AS4520-5424, AS4520-5458, AS4520-5582, AS4520-5803, AS4520-5950)
    Aspire 4551 Series (AS4551-2615, AS4551-4315)
    Aspire 4730 Series (AS4730-4042, AS4730-4374, AS4730-4437, AS4730-4457, AS4730-4516, AS4730-4730z, AS4730-4758,,
    AS4730-4857, AS4730-4901, AS4730-4972, AS4730-6405,AS4730-4947)

    Aspire 4710 Series (AS4710-2013), 4710Z
    Aspire 4720 Series (AS4720-2013, AS4720-4199, AS4720-4538, AS4720-4721, AS4720-4825, AS4720-6748, 4720Z)
    Aspire 4730Z Series
    Aspire 4810 Timeline Series (AS4810TZ-4508, AS4810T-8480)
    Aspire 4810 Timeline Special Edition (AS4810TZ-4183)
    Aspire 4810 TimelineX Series (AS4820TG-3195, AS4820T-3697, AS4820T-5570, AS4820TG-5637)
    Aspire 4920 series (AS4930-6862)
    Aspire 5000 Series (AS5001LCi, AS5001LM, AS5001WLMi, AS5002LM, AS5002LMi, AS5002WLMi, AS5003WLMi, AS5004WLMi)
    Aspire 5030 Series
    Aspire 5050 Series (AS5050-3242, AS5050-3371, AS5050-3465, AS5050-3564, AS5050-5172, AS5050-5374,
    AS5050-5410, AS5050-5554, AS5050-5555, AS5050-5574, AS5050-5827, AS5050-5951)

    Aspire 5100 Series (AS5100-3016, AS5100-3748, AS5100-3577, AS5100-3825, AS5100-5022, AS5100-5033,
    AS5100-3949, AS5101AWLMi, AS5102WLMi (Model BL51), AS5103WLMi)

    Aspire 5310 Series
    Aspire 5315 Series (AS5315-2001, AS5315-2077, AS5315-2122, AS5315-2142, AS5315-2153, AS5315-2191, AS5315-2203, AS5315-2290,
    AS5315-2326, AS5315-2698, AS5315-2713, AS5315-2768, AS5315-2808, AS5315-2826, AS5315-2940, AS5315-2942)

    Aspire 5334 series (AS5334-2153, AS5334-2581, AS5334-2598, AS5334-2737)
    Aspire 5517 series (AS5517-1208, AS5517-1216, AS5517-1643, AS5517-5086, AS5517-5661, AS5517-5671, AS5517-5997)
    Aspire 5532 series (AS5532-5509, AS5532-5535)
    Aspire 5534 series (AS5534-1121)
    Aspire 5538 series (AS5538-1096)
    Aspire 5542 series (AS5542-1462)
    Aspire 5551 series (AS5551-2013, AS5551-2036, AS5551-2380, AS5551-2805, AS5551-4200, AS5551-4937)
    Aspire 5500 series (AS5502ZWXMi, 5500Z)
    Aspire 5510 Series
    Aspire 5520 series (AS5520-5142, AS5520-5147, AS5520-5156, AS5520-5313, AS5520-5377, AS5520-5537, AS5520-5551,
    AS5520-5806, AS5520-5891, AS5520-5901, AS5520-5908, AS5520-5912

    Aspire 5570 series (AS5570-2502, AS5570-2067, AS5570-2758, AS5570-2797, AS5570-2977, AS5570-4174, AS5570-4285,
    AS5570-4421, AS5570-4581, AS5570-4765)

    Aspire 5580 series (AS5580-6177, AS5580-6707, AS5580-6856)
    Aspire 5680 series (AS5680-6001, AS5680-6123, AS5680-6516, AS5680-6517, AS5680-6560, AS5683WLMi)
    Aspire 5710 Series (5710, 5710Z, 5715Z)
    Aspire 5720 Series (AS5720-4230, AS5720-4649, AS5720-4662, AS5720-4984, 5720G, 5720Z)
    Aspire 5732 Series (AS5732Z-4280, AS5732Z-4598, AS5732Z-4867)
    Aspire 5734 Series (AS5734Z-4386, AS5734Z-4512, AS5734Z-4725, AS5734Z-4836)
    Aspire 5735 Series (AS5735-4624, AS5735-4774, AS5735-4950, AS5735-6041, AS5735-6211,
    AS5735-6285, AS5735-6694, AS5735-6957)

    Aspire 5738 Series (AS5738Z-4111, AS5738Z-4333, AS5738Z-4574, AS5738DG-6165)
    Aspire 5740 Series (AS5740-5144, AS5740-5255, S5740G-5309, AS5740-5513, AS5740-5749, AS5740-5780, AS5740-5847,
    AS5740-6025, AS5740-6378, AS5740G-6395, AS5740-6491, AS5740G-6979)

    Aspire 5741 Series (AS5741-3541, AS5741G-5062, AS5741-5119, AS5741Z-5433, AS5741Z-5539, AS5741G-5608,
    AS5741-5698, AS5741-5763, AS5741-6823)

    Aspire 5745 Series (AS5745-3428, AS5745-3633, AS5745-5387, AS5745-5425, AS5745-5950, AS5745-6528)
    Aspire 5810 Timeline series (AS5810TZ-4274, AS5810TZ-4433, AS5810TZ-4657, AS5810TZ-4761, AS5810TZ-4784, AS5810T-8929)
    Aspire 5820 TimelineX series (AS5820T-5951, AS5820T-6178)
    Aspire 5920 series (AS5920-6313, AS5920-6329, AS5920-6444, AS5920-6470, AS5920-6574, AS5920-6582, AS5920-6661,
    AS5920-6706, AS5920-6750, AS5920-6954, AS5920-6959, 5920Z)

    Aspire 6920 series (AS6920-6141, AS6920-6422, AS6920-6441, AS6920-6508, AS6920-6621, AS6920-6731,
    AS6920-6853,AS6920-6886, AS6920-6973, 6920G)

    Aspire 6930 series (AS6930-6067, AS6930-6073, AS6930-6235, AS6930-6455, AS6930-6586, AS6930-6771, AS6930-6809,
    AS6930-6847, AS6930-6942, 6930G-6723, 6930G)

    Aspire 7100 Series (AS7103EWSMi, AS7104WSMi)
    Aspire 7540 Series (AS7540-1284, AS7540-5750)
    Aspire 7551 Series (AS7551-2531, , AS7551-2560, AS7551-2818, AS7551-2961, AS7551-4909)
    Aspire 7736 Series (AS7736Z-4088, AS7736-6948)
    Aspire 7740 Series (AS7740-5029, AS7740G-6140, AS7740G-6364, AS7740G-6930)
    Aspire 7741 and 7741Z Series (AS7741-5137, AS7741-5209, AS7741Z-5731, AS7741-5932)
    Aspire 7745 Series (AS7745-5602, AS7745-5632)
    Aspire 9400
    Aspire E1-421
    Aspire E1-422
    Aspire E1-431
    Aspire E1-471
    Aspire E1-521
    Aspire E1-522
    Aspire E1-531
    Aspire E1-571
    Aspire R3-571
    Aspire M3-581T
    Aspire M5-481PT
    Aspire M5-481T
    Aspire M5-481TG
    Aspire M5-581T
    Aspire M5-581TG
    Aspire M5-582PG
    Aspire S3-391
    Aspire S3-951
    Aspire V3-471
    Aspire V3-551
    Aspire V3-571
    Aspire V3-731
    Aspire V3-771
    Aspire V5-431
    Aspire V5-431P
    Aspire V5-471
    Aspire V5-471P
    Aspire V5-531
    Aspire V5-531P
    Aspire V5-551
    Aspire V5-571
    Aspire V5-571P
    Aspire V5-572
    Aspire V5-572P
    Aspire V7-481P
    Aspire V5-482PG
    Aspire V7-581
    Aspire V7-582P
    Travelmate 220 series (TM222X, TM223X, TM225X, TM225XC, TM225XV-PRO)
    Travelmate 230 series (TM230X, TM230XC, TM230XV, TM230XV-PRO, TM233LC, TM233X, TM233XV, TM233XVi, TM234LC, TM234LCi)
    Travelmate 250 Series (TM250, TM250P, TM252ELC, TM252ELCi)
    Travelmate 270 series (TM270XV, TM272LC, TM272XV, TM272XVi, TM273XV)
    Travelmate 290 Series (TM290LCi, TM290LMi, TM290X, TM290XCi, TM290Xi, TM290XMi, TM290XVi)
    Travelmate 420 Series (TM422LC, TM422XC, TM422XV, TM426LC, TM426XC, TM426XV, TM427LC)
    Travelmate 500 Series (TM505DX, TM506T, TM506DX, TM507T, TM507DX, TM508DX, TM508T)
    Travelmate 510 Series (TM512DX, TM512T, TM512T-64, TM513T, TM514T, TM514TXV, TM515TE, TM517TE)
    Travelmate 630 Series (TM630XV, TM630XCi, TM632XCi, TM633LCi, TM634LC, TM634XCi, TM636LCi)
    Travelmate 650 Series (TM653LCi, TM654LCi)
    Travelmate 660 Series (TM661LCi, TM662LMi)
    Travelmate 730 Series (TM730TXV, TM732TXV, TM732TLV, TM734TL, TM734TXV, TM735TLV, TM736TL,
    TM736TLV, TM737TLV, TM738TLV, TM739TLV, TM739GTLV)

    Travelmate 2000 Series (TM2001LC, TM2001LCi, TM2001X, TM2001XC, TM2002LCi, TM2002LMi, TM2003LC, TM2003LMi)
    Travelmate 2300 Series (TM2301LC, TM2301LCi, TM2301WLCi, TM2301XC, TM2303LC, TM2303LCi, TM2303WLCi, TM2304LCi, TM2304WLCi)
    Travelmate 2310 Series (TM2312LCi, TM2312WLCi, TM2312WLMi, TM2313LCi, TM2313WLCi)
    Travelmate 2410 Series (TM2412LCi, TM2413LCi, TM2413NLCi, TM2413WLMi)
    Travelmate 2450 Series
    Travelmate 2460 Series
    Travelmate 2470 Series
    Travelmate 2480 Series
    TravelMate 3000, 3010, 3020, 3030, 3040, 3200, 3210, 3220, 3230, 3250, 3260
    Travelmate 3270 Series (TM3270-6569)
    Travelmate 4730 Series (TM4730-6405, TM4730-6447)
    Travelmate 4740 Series (TM4740-5261)
    TravelMate 5520 series (TM5520-5030, TM5520-5313, TM5520-5678, TM5520-5929, 5520G)
    Travelmate 5530 Series (TM5530-5155, TM5530-5369)
    Travelmate 5730 Series (TM5730-6884, TM5730-6891)
    Travelmate 5740 Series (TM5740-5896, TM5740-6291, TM5740-6529)
    Travelmate 5600, 5710, 5720 Series
    Travelmate 6000 Series (TM6003LMi, TM6004LCi)
    Travelmate 6231 Series
    Travelmate 6291 Series (TM6291-6019, TM6291-6335, TM6291-6753, TM6291-6792)
    Travelmate 6292 Series (TM6292-6059, TM6292-6700, TM6292-6856)
    Travelmate 6492, 6592 Series
    Travelmate 6293 Series (TM6293-6170)
    Travelmate 6493 Series (TM6493-6768, TM6493-6899)
    Travelmate 6593 Series (TM6593-6585, TM6593-6639)
    Travelmate 7320, 7720 Series
    Travelmate 8000, 8100, 8100A Series
    Travelmate 8371 Series (TM8371-6457)
    Travelmate 8471 Series (TM8471-6306, TM8471-8818)
    Travelmate 8472 Series (TM8472-6012)
    Travelmate 8571 Series (TM8571-6465, TM8571-8537)
    Travelmate 8572 Series (TM8572-6592, TM8572-6779)
    Extensa 5620 series (5620Z, EX5620-4020, EX5620-4025, EX5620-4428, EX5620-6119, EX5620-6266,
    EX5620-6419, EX5620-6635, EX5620-6830, EX5620-6846)

    Extensa 5635 series (EX5635-6897)

    1. Factory direct price, 100% compatible, No memory effect. Hi-Capacity, Quality garantee, certification Fast shipping. We stand behind our Replace for ACER Cord/Charger ACER AP.T1902.001 100%.

    2. Our goal is to make sure you receive the best value of every purchase you make at our site. We want to be your number one choice Replace for ACER AP.T1902.001. If you have any question or suggestion about this Laptop ac adapter, please contact us so we can offer you the most convenient service.

    3. Shopping from us is safe and secure. None of our customers have ever reported fraudulent use of their credit cards as a result of shopping with us. You can be assured that the information you give us is confidential. We do not sell, rent or share information of our customers with other parties. guarantee your Replace for ACER AP.T1902.001 transaction will be 100% safe.

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        1. 100% new high quality ACER AP.T1902.001.

        2. Provides excellent Laptop ac adapter characteristics.

        3. 30-Day Money Back,1 Year Warranty for AP.T1902.001 Replacement Laptop ac adapter.

        4. Quick delivery for every order.

        5. If you need any help or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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