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Buy Google Pixel 3 cellphone battery replacement G013A-B

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GOOGLE G013A-B battery is compatible with Google Pixel 3. G013A-B battery is 2915mAh/11.2WH and 3.85v. This battery model of G013A-B is 30% off(if YOU buy in bulk,discount more), max performance and secure quality. Your G013A-B gets 1-year warranty-service and 30-days money-back guarantee at

Brand : Google
Capacity : 2915mAh/11.2WH
Voltage : 3.85V
Product color : White
Chemisty : Li-ion

Replaceability with the following models:
product compatibility:
Charge limit voltage: 4.4V
For Google Pixel 3

Google G013A-B Mobile phone battery repair tips
1. Refrigerator freezing method. Wrap the battery in paper, then wrap it in plastic wrap and put it into the frozen layer for about 3 days. After taking it out, place it in a cool place and let it dry for two days. Try charging again.

Explanation: The process of using the mobile phone is a process of charging and discharging the battery, and the negative and positive charges in the battery collide with each other. The reason why it is more and more unreliable and troublesome is that at normal temperature, the kinetic energy of the electron is relatively large, the battery is in an active state, and the leakage is relatively frequent. When the battery is in a low temperature environment, the structure of the lithium film and the electrolyte on the surface does not change much, and the interface thereof changes significantly. The leakage current and the like are reduced, and the standby time is increased.

2. Rubber wipe method. Using a clean eraser to wipe the metal surface of the phone's battery and the phone can also improve the use.

Explanation: For a long time, the metal surface of the battery has a certain degree of oxidation, resulting in poor contact and short use time, while the rubber enamel can erase the oxide layer on the surface to make the contact better. This method is more suitable for situations where the problem is not very serious.

3. Recharge the activation method. Discharge the battery completely and recharge it again.

Detailed steps: Find two wires and connect a small 1.5-volt bulb. Connect the two ends of the wire to the positive and negative terminals of the battery. After connecting, the light bulb will emit some shimmer. Wait until the light bulb is completely extinguished and recharge. This can also be changed. Battery performance. But this method is not very effective, but it is still somewhat useful.

How to use the G013A-B battery correctly
1. Do not run out of battery power and then recharge. Nowadays, smart phones use lithium-ion polymer batteries, which have no so-called "memory effect" in nickel-cadmium batteries, so there is no need to run out of batteries and recharge them. In fact, if the lithium battery is in a low voltage state for a long time, it will cause the phenomenon that charging cannot occur. So when the phone's power drops to less than 20%, it should be charged. Therefore, if the mobile phone is not used for a long time, it should be kept at full power as much as possible, and it will be charged for a while.

2. Do not continue charging for a long time after the phone is fully charged. Many people like to charge while sleeping, and then unplug the charger the next day. In this way, the phone will automatically stop charging after the battery is fully charged. However, during the charging process, the battery is overheated, and even the burning takes place during charging. We should try to avoid charging the phone for a long time without being guarded.

3. Don't play the phone while charging. Nowadays, the computing power of smart phones is very powerful. Nowadays, the power to play games with mobile phones is even greater. However, due to the limitation of the internal space of mobile phones, it is impossible to install cooling devices such as fans. Even if the copper pipes are cooled, they may not be as thorough as PCs. Therefore, we should try to avoid overheating in the process of using the smartphone. If you play mobile games at this time, the heat generated by the battery and the processor will be superimposed. In the long run, irreversible damage is caused to the components inside the battery and even the mobile phone. Therefore, it is not necessary to use the mobile phone as much as possible while charging.

4. Do not charge your phone on the sofa/bed. As mentioned before, fever is the culprit that shortens the battery life of mobile phones, and the mobile phone can only self-heat. If you charge on the sofa or bed, it will cause the heat of the fuselage to accumulate, causing local overheating. In addition, the sofa, bed sheets and cotton wadding are all flammable. At this time, if an accident occurs, the possibility of fire will be great.

5. Do not use the computer USB interface to charge the phone. Many people, including myself, use the USB interface of the computer to charge the phone for convenience. However, the USB interface current of many computers is less than 500mA, and the process of charging the mobile phone will be very long. What's more, the power supply mechanism of some computer motherboards is not perfect. If a variety of USB devices are connected or plugged in at the same time, the output current of the USB interface will be unstable, which is not conducive to the long-term use of the smart phone battery.

6. Do not use the charging treasure to charge the phone for a long time. Although many charging treasures can provide high current charging of more than 1A or even 2.1A, charging treasure is not a power supply after all, and cannot guarantee continuous output of voltage/current. In addition, the charging treasure itself will generate a certain amount of heat when charging the mobile phone, so it is not recommended to use the charging treasure for charging the mobile phone for a long time, and it can only be used as an emergency.

7. Do not use the phone for a long time in the case of too cold. Lithium batteries are not only afraid of heat, but also cold. In a cold environment, the activity of lithium battery and the lithium intercalation activity of the negative active material will be affected, and the battery capacity will decrease and the rate performance will decrease. When used at lower temperature conditions, lithium dendrites are formed on the surface of the negative electrode in severe cases, piercing the diaphragm and causing a safety accident. Android phones will also have a significantly shorter battery life at lower temperatures.

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