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Why school use cell phone jammer?

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Cell phone signal jammer have become a necessity for schools

A question has been raised in many people's minds: why do schools control the use of the signal-specific barrier during exams? In fact, in recent years, mobile phone signal shielding in exam halls has become one of the security tools in both large and general examinations. Perfectjammer, a well-known maker and developer of cellphone signal shields, said the device maintained discipline in the exam halls.

In some scenarios, the signal is likely to cause unfair events occur, so most of people prefer to directly use test special blockers, this is because in the examination room, some students want to do everything you can to cell phone use is inevitable, and take photos to convey information, under such circumstance, if we really can use blockers, then you will find each other finally results are the same, so that can ensure the test process more complete.

Jamming devices ensure fairness in examinations

During the process of examination, it is worth mentioning that Perfectjammer exam special shielding device includes a lot of ways, the advantages of no matter what type of exam, we should all be absolutely fair, in this process, a lot of people feel no test can do this, at least in the process of examination, inevitable various types of misconduct, as long as we can ensure your gsm jammer used in the examination room, so in the range of the examination room, reduces the examinee violate the basic principles of fair exam phenomenon, Exam - specific shielding allows students to put their true level

It is reported that the interference shielding device will scan to the low frequency and high frequency of the channel at a certain speed during the working process. The scanning speed can cause chaotic interference in the signal received by the mobile phone. The mobile phone cannot detect the normal data sent from the base station, so that the mobile phone cannot establish a connection with the base station.

Mobile phones show such phenomena as search network, no signal and no service system. The essence of wifi jammer is to implement electromagnetic interference to wireless network, so that the mobile phone cannot access the network, cannot receive the signal from mobile network, and cannot send out information through the network. During the college entrance examination, the examination site surrounding mobile phone users call quality will also be affected, or there will be no signal, frequent call failure, unable to connect, intermittent, mobile Internet is slow wait for a phenomenon.

Jack, a high school student, said his cell phone was off during school and was used when he came home from school to contact his parents. "There is nothing wrong with installing a signal shield in the classroom, which ensures the normal teaching order." Jack agreed with the school.

Playing mobile phones and games in class will seriously damage education targets. Installing mobile signal shielding devices in the classroom can prevent such behaviors and put education back on track

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