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The theme wedding planning case gave her an unexpected wedding.

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Yacht wedding

  All your unexpected luxury and romance are in the yacht wedding, carrying your relatives and friends, sailing the yacht to the harbor of love, the tropical sun, the blue sea, the bright yacht, the sailors in the sailors, the new people are walking up the deck with the gangway with the music, and there are countless colors. With sincere blessing, even the boat cheer for you. Let you stand on the bow and let the sea breeze blow the white wedding dress. The wedding ceremony will be held by the captain, and the water will be shared forever. After the ceremony, a buffet will be held on the deck to fill the champagne tower. Here, the guests raised their glasses to the newlyweds for a long time! At night, an open-air dance was held on the brightly lit decks, dancing with the sea breeze.

  Hint: the newcomer of the yacht wedding should know the normal operation of the yacht, and whether the lifesaving facilities are complete. It is best to ask two lifeguards on the day to avoid the accident. It is suggested that you should be close to the waters of the shore. If the inland city is to achieve this plan, it can also be achieved in large inland lakes, and Beihai in Beijing can be the first choice.

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