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How to get back to school in style

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How to get back to school in style: Four mum bloggers share their fashion and beauty advice

what does your back to school look say about you? For the children, it’s likely ‘my uniform is the cleanest it’ll be all year’, or ‘look, my parents have replaced the jumper that was too small for me with one that’s now a bit too big’. But does anyone care about what the adults are wearing at the school gates as the new term kicks off?

For mums on the run, time is of the essence, and fast fashion and beauty solutions are essential for anyone who wants to look remotely like themselves at the crack of dawn.

“My top tip for showing off your new season style at the school gates is not to try too hard, says Erica Davies, a fashion editor, mother-of-two, and founder of The Edited. “Pick a couple of statement pieces that are useful enough to be practical and will elevate a relatively simple jeans and jumper uniform.”

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