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Threats from Chinese laser weapon!

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Localization of high power fiber laser in China

30000mw Laser Pointer

Recently, China's first implementation of the "high power fiber Green Laser Pointer " core component of the national production targets, marking China has possessed the "million kilowatt class" solid-state laser weapon system light source independent R & D and production capacity, and laid a solid foundation for independent control of high power solid state laser equipment.

It is understood that the realization of the core components of the national production is a high power pump coupler. This device is one of the key components in the fiber laser. The so-called "pump" coupler and its main function is a plurality of thin fiber energy convergence to a root crude fiber of higher output power energy, its working principle is like the roots of the trees as: many lateral roots to soil moisture transport and convergence to after their taproot were injected into the tree trunk, taproot and lateral root water absorption, water capacity is stronger, trees can get more water to flourish.

At present, the domestic "high power fiber burning laser end pumped coupler are almost imported products monopoly, not only the existence of the embargo, for the risk of breaking and import product price high, long period of procurement, specifications varieties are limited, technical performance index is also difficult to meet the requirements of weapon equipment development. In order to get rid of the dependence on imports of core device, scientific research departments of China proposed "high power fiber laser in the core device of the full realization of the localization of target, under the efforts of all the researchers finally realized this goal.

Public data shows, high power laser from hundreds of watts to tens of thousands of Watts range, they like very sharp, the all conquering sword, both to qualified for the automotive, marine, aviation and other fields of laser cutting, laser welding and laser drilling, Daxian in high energy laser weapon skill, for high-end manufacturing building blocks, escort for the cause of national defense.

Localization of the core elements of laser weapons is very important for China

Military experts of the wire military "said laser weapon is a directed energy weapons, using directional emission of powerful Red Laser Pointer beam directly damage or failure. It is a high technology and new concept weapon that uses the huge energy of high brightness and high power laser beam to destroy or kill the enemy aircraft, missiles, satellites and personnel. Laser weapons have advantages unparalleled in other weapons, high energy laser weapon has speed, high precision, intercept distance, transfer of fire quickly, without outside interference of electromagnetic wave, continuous fighting capacity and other advantages.

Because of this, the United States, Russia, Britain, Germany, France, Israel and many other western countries are actively developing strong 30000mw Laser weapons. China is no exception, and the level of the best. Earlier, the media has exposed a low altitude, slow, small target of low security equipment. That is the first set of Chinese kW class low slow small target laser interception system -- "low guard" system. In the real scene demonstration, "low altitude" Guardian successfully shot down fixed wing, small multi rotor, helicopters and other aircraft more than 30 sorties, shot down rate of 100%. After more than thirty years of research, the laser weapon has become more and more mature and will play a more and more important role in the future. So the localization of the core elements of the laser weapon is very important for China.

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