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The seller’s experience in buying sex dol

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Nowadays, it is not rare to buy sex dolls, and even many people have begun to try to buy these exquisite sex dolls. These sex dolls have the appearance of real characters and some sense of reality, which makes people feel extremely real. However, a considerable number of people in this group believe that sex dolls are just tools for expressing desires and will not talk about them too much. This is because they don't know much about sex dolls.

More and more sex dolls are developing in the direction of multi-functionality, and the touch will be more real. Many doll buyers will post some articles about the experience after buying sex dolls to help beginners choose their own sex dolls. The following is a very conscientious buyer, he tells us some of his experience and experience of buying sex dolls. If you are also interested in buying real sex dolls, please continue reading.<o:p></o:p>

The process of buying sex dolls<o:p></o:p>

The doll arrived two days ago. In fact, as a novice, there are many things I don't understand. I watched it for a long time before deciding to start. Fortunately, I was not fooled or received a doll that did not match the picture. Although it is only a 140 cm doll, you can consider entering our sex doll community. In fact, at first, he was like many rookies. I was worried when I bought a baby. The care of the doll and the clothes of the doll are also the eyes of others. In fact, the first two are easy to learn, but others will always look at you with strange eyes. As for the physical doll, wow, this person actually bought a sex doll, wow, this person is really abnormal! ! ! When I talk about physical dolls with other people, I always hear this voice.<o:p></o:p>

I think this is just a commodity and has nothing to do with spending your own money. Frankly speaking, if you buy a baby to have sex, it will be thousands of times more expensive than those who prostitute themselves. There is no essential difference between sex dolls and commodities. Just like when we eat, we are satisfied with our appetite. When we buy new clothes, this is to satisfy our aesthetic needs. And we buy sex dolls to meet some special wishes. For example, sexual desire or control desire, etc., this is a personal choice. It's just that everyone's choices are different. Taking a step back, our current sex dolls can not only satisfy the physical desires of human nature, but also satisfy our aesthetic desires. E.g,<o:p></o:p>

The versatility of sex dolls<o:p></o:p>

This is just one of the functions of the doll, so there is no need to repeat it. There is no need to generalize. I have seen many owners of high-end sex dolls dress up their dolls well. They really think a lot and admire them. Actually, today I want to say something to some brothers who are still waiting. It can prevent you from taking a detour. Many brothers and sisters will ask if the doll is more suitable for real people. I can only answer one sentence, a doll cannot be compared with a real person. If you buy it for sex, you may be disappointed, because the doll is a dead thing after all, at least it will not emerge from the water or cooperate with you. It can only be said that it has a lot of physical unlocks, and a real person can do it. Dolls can do it too<o:p></o:p>

Many people will say that spending this money is better than finding a girlfriend. In fact, when the actual conditions are not very good, it is impossible to spend money to buy a doll with such a good face and body. The doll image is the type that many people dream of, so it is ideal to spend some money to buy the doll image you usually like. Moreover, you don’t have to please your girlfriend every day to get sex opportunities. Usually, your girlfriend will refuse you. But sex dolls are not only more attractive than real women, they are also softer than real women. My girl sex doll will agree to all my requirements and try to cooperate with me. I think my masculinity and masculinity have improved since I bought a sex doll. I will have more confidence and the world is very happy with me. I am willing to face the world and my most beautiful sex doll with a more positive and cheerful attitude.<o:p></o:p>

Dress up your sex doll<o:p></o:p>

In the age of rising stars, there are still many dolls to dress up. In fact, there are some great gods who dress their dolls very well. It is always beautiful to have a beautiful woman lying next to you every day when you wake up. I have a plan to buy a doll. A friend of mine works on the Internet in Hangzhou. Working on the computer all day is also very lucky, very lucky mentally, no time to find a girlfriend, and then after a hard day of work, you return to the rental room, the surrounding air is faint and tasteless, in the end it happened that I spent 3000 pounds I bought a silicone doll to accompany him. It is not only a sexual accompaniment, but also very well dressed in the bedroom. He even let the doll sit in front of him while eating! I was also influenced by him and felt it necessary to start one. Therefore, I bought it from realdollshop and found that it really exceeded my expectations. This sex doll is like a photo.<o:p></o:p>

Finally, I want to say that some people in the doll industry will always mislead novices, saying that the more expensive the doll, the better, but some brothers have no financial means. Therefore, buying a cheap doll is the best choice. Because now there are more and more baby factories. Choosing an affordable doll is the right choice.<o:p></o:p>

I also bought a few outfits from realdollshop to match the dolls! The accessories of sex dolls are very exquisite, and I can’t wait to put my sex dolls in these beautiful and exquisite clothes. I hope everyone will give my doll a good name. Thank you!<o:p></o:p>

The above is the experience of buyers who bought sex dolls. This sex doll helped him enhance his masculine charm. We can see that the role of sex dolls is obvious. We can face the world with a more positive attitude. For the future, sex dolls also played a role in promoting. It can reduce inner anxiety and make you feel at ease. We all have different shopping experiences, but most of the sex doll consumers purchased by Realdollshop are very satisfied. They think that sex dolls are real and their customer service attitude is also very good. If you are a novice and do not know how to choose your beloved sex doll, this store will also provide you with the most sincere advice. The doll types in their store also have many brand dolls such as anime sex dolls, mini sex dolls, black sex dolls and Sanhui sex dolls. If you are also a novice, then I recommend you to check it out.<o:p></o:p>

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