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Choosing a chubby sex doll is a good choice

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Having a different chubby sex doll is as strange as having a vibrator, dildo, flesh-colored or pocket vagina! In other words, there are only men or women who are strange to almost everyone. The only difference is that you will get bigger, better and more enjoyable sex toys. They may own a Honda, you may own a Mercedes, but they are all cars.

For whatever reason, it is sometimes difficult for people to encompass this simple concept. This is just a toy, it should be fun, not a source of anxiety.<o:p></o:p>

If you are still worried that it might make you feel weird, here are some simple tricks to avoid getting into it in depth.<o:p></o:p>

Let me introduce a few chubby sex dolls to you, I hope you will like it<o:p></o:p>

JY 125cm big breasts sexy muture sex doll Kirou<o:p></o:p>

Kirou is a mature woman, both in appearance and sexual organs are very mature. Although Kirou is a mini doll and petite, she is indeed very good. She has perfect proportions, so you can't take your eyes off. At the same time, the weight of this doll is very small. One of her outstanding advantages is light weight and easy to carry. Can bring the ultimate experience.
Doll Measurements
Neck: 26cm
Shoulder Breadth: 32cm
Arm Length: 54cm
Palm Length: 15cm
Leg Length: 66cm
Foot Length: 20cm
Full Bust: 80cm
Under Bust: 45cm
Waist: 46cm
Hip: 83cm
Weight: 25kg
Oral Depth: 12cm
Vaginal Depth: 16cm
Anal Depth: 14cm
Packing Size: 113*37*27cm<o:p></o:p>

Irontech 170cm big breasts mature office lady sex doll Qity<o:p></o:p>

European face, big breasts, a slender waist, fat buttocks, a slightly fat body, and a mature and stable temperament. She is 169 cm tall. She has a strong sense of oppression. She is also very sexy and is the favorite doll companion of many young boys. If you are willing, please contact us and we will provide you with the best price.
Doll size:
Height: 170cm
Bust: 91cm
Bust: 71.5cm
Waist circumference: 64cm
Hip: 108cm
Shoulder width: 35cm
Arm length: 68cm
Leg length: 92cm
Thigh line: 57cm
Calf: 32cm
Foot circumference: 23cm
Weight: 45kg
Packing: 160 * 53 * 40cm<o:p></o:p>

Irontech168cm European and American faces, big breasts, orange curly hair, curvy full-size sex doll Miki<o:p></o:p>

Miki is a very sexy and beautiful girl. She has orange curly hair, very delicate and very beautiful, which makes it impossible for people to remove their eyes, and they do not want to remove them. She has a beautifully curvy figure, large breasts, a slender waist and plump hips. She is really a stunner. At this moment, even if she wears daily, her beauty cannot be concealed. She is the most popular sex doll companion. If she likes it, she will be taken away.
Doll Measurements:
Height: 168cm
Breastline: 88cm
Underbreastline: 72cm
Waistline: 62cm
Hip line: 96cm
Shoulder width:36cm
Arm length: 71cm
Leg Length: 92cm
Thigh line:50cm
Calfline: 32cm
Feet Size: 23cm
Weight: 38kg
Package: 160*45*32cm<o:p></o:p>

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