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3D Printing Technology to Create the World's Smallest Camera Lens

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The minimum camera lens can be much, from a theoretical point someone figured. The smallest visible wavelength 380nm, 0.01 radians as the resolution requirements (approximately one meter range resolution 2:01 Limi pitch), according to the Rayleigh criterion, the desired lens diameter of at least 1.22 * 3.8e-7 / 0.01 = 4.6 e-5 meters that is 46um. Such a lens through traditional methods, can not manufacture it.
The research team at the University of Stuttgart, Germany produced through 3D 30000mw laser pointer printing technology the world's smallest camera lens, only twice as wide as a human hair, but ordinary hair width between 10um ~ 200um. The researchers said they raised this new concept in the field of optics, micro-Nai opened the complex design of 3D printing and optical lenses. The size of the camera lens allows only the size of grains of salt.
It can take high-resolution pictures, it can be installed only at the end of an optical fiber crude pinhole. The technology is expected to revolutionize medical devices in minimally invasive surgery and internal organs inspection aspect, but also greatly promote the progress in micro robots and UAVs visual technology.
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